Listed below are our initial fundraising objectives and opportunities to donate to DSH. For your convenience, simply click on the “Donate Today!” button at the top of this page to donate to DSH. Your online donation will be processed by PayPal. It’s simple, safe and secure. If you have any questions concerning your donation, please feel free to click here to contact us through this website, or give us a call at 423.744.4410.

Land Purchase | $100,000 GOAL

DSH has tentatively laid claim to a 29 acre parcel of land in Niota, TN, as the site of the first housing community for adults with Down syndrome. Our $100,000 goal includes the price for the purchase of the property as well as estimated closing costs and legal fees.

Engineering/Architectural Design | $100,000 GOAL

Before construction can even begin, it is necessary that our building site undergo all necessary engineering studies and site surveys. We will also be hiring an architectural firm to conceive and develop the design of this first housing community. The goal established for this aspect of development includes all costs associated with the above mentioned services.

Executive Level Donation | $50,000

Whether you’re a company, organization or individual, we believe that giving at this level deserves some special recognition. And it should be the type of recognition that will stand the test of time. With that said, when a company, organization, group or individual contributes to DSH at this level, the name of the contributor(s) will go on a special plaque and be placed in the main office of this first Down Syndrome Housing community. Visitors and potential residents will forever know that you stood by us in our effort to provide a loving, caring and safe environment for adults with Down syndrome.

Every Donation Helps

We understand that some may feel they cannot make a difference in helping us reach our goals because they may be only able to afford a small donation. And unfortunately, we cannot provide incentives or recognition for all donation levels.But just as those with Down syndrome are special despite their disability, a donation of any size given from the heart gets us one step closer to our goal regardless of its size. Whether it’s $50,000 or $50, please know that we are very appreciate of all monetary support, and thank you for being willing to be a part of our dream and vision.

Help us make DSH a reality. Your tax-deductible gift brings us closer to providing housing in a community specifically designed and managed for adults with Down syndrome. Click here to go to our Donation Page.