Nicole James, Down Syndrome Housing

Scott and Cindy consider themselves to be so blessed to be parents of a beautiful daughter with Down syndrome. When Nicole was born, they were both concerned with the options of who would take care of their daughter when they were no longer around. While their son was more than willing to be there for his sister, the Jameses felt that this was not the responsibility of their son since he would have his own family to look after. The other option was to let the State care for her. In doing their research, they quickly realized there were hardly any outstanding options in regards to housing for adults with Down syndrome. They also discovered that, in general, a large percentage of people with disabilities pass away before they ever get a chance to have a place of their own in which to live. And with that, the vision of DSH began to come into view.

DSH is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose sole purpose is to provide living facilities for adults with Down syndrome. Even though their dream is in the earliest of stages, Scott and Cindy both agree that this has been the most beautiful experience they have ever been a part of. They also agree this mission is truly God inspired, and the miracles that have gone on since starting this project have been nothing less than amazing. To them their daughter, Nicole, as well as others with Down syndrome, are gifts from God. The amount of love that they show is immeasurable. Having a child with Down syndrome has allowed them to experience what true love really is. And they plan to take that experience and nurture it into the reality of providing the type of environment where adults with Down syndrome can live happy and productive lives.

Help us make DSH a reality. Your tax-deductible gift brings us closer to providing in a community specifically designed and managed for adults with Down syndrome. http://arlingtonhcc.com/events/details/champps-blast-10-28-2015-4963 Click here to go to our Donation Page.